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Azure | Personalizer | Introduction to Azure Personalizer



What is Azure Personalizer?

The very much Cloud API, Azure Personalizer is an API service helps the user to choose the best, single content item to show each other. The service selects the best item based on collective real-time information that is being provided about both content and context. Content can be any unit of information such as text, or images or even URL and email that you want to select from to show to your user.

Working Methodology

The service uses reinforcement learning to select the best item based on collective behavior and reward scores across all users. Then the actions are content items, such as news articles, specific movies, or even products to choose from. The Rank call takes the action item along with the features of action, and context features to select the top action item:

  • Action with features - The very content items with specific to each item.
  • Context Features - The features of your choice, the context of their environment when using your app.

When to call the Azure Personalizer

The personalize's Rank API is called every time you present content, in real-time. This is known as Event, noted with an event ID. The API Reward can be called in real-time or delayed to better fit your infrastructure. You determine the reward score based on your business needs. The reward score is between 0 and 1, which can be a single value such as 1 for good and 0 for bad, or a number produced by an algorithm you create considering your business goals and metrics.

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A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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