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Asp.net Core Benefits Everything you need to know

Jul 10, 2019 Asp.Net Core, .Net Core, 4834 Views
In this Article you'll learn What is Asp.Net Core and what are the benefits of Asp.Net core

What is Asp.net Core?

Asp.net Core can be referred to as an open source, cross-platform and high-performance web framework which is used to build web applications (that can be developed and run on Windows, Mac or Linux operating system) and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends.

When we talk about enterprise applications, all we can think of is Asp.net Core. It was a long long time ago when customised applications with innovative and desired features was just a dream for an enterprise, as it lead to burning a hole in their pockets.

So, in order to reduce the higher costs as well as creating a customised web application with required features at the same time, Microsoft released its most prominent framework that is known as Asp.Net which later developed into Asp.Net Core.

So let’s discuss the various benefits of Asp.Net Core in detail.

1) High Performance

The best part is – Optimisation. In order to increase the performance, it automatically optimizes your code when you compile it. With the re-compilation, it optimizes the code directly and you need not change your code. ASP.NET Core’s actual performance is many times more than any of the famous framework implementations. 

2) Easy Maintenance

 It not only takes the lesser amount of code to create a web application but it is quite easier to effectively manage and maintain it. With Asp.net coding, less is more! The developers can optimize the coding structure and make it with fewest statements possible, as the language demands less coding.  And, lesser the coding, easier it is to maintain. Whenever there is lesser code, it becomes much easier to maintain automatically.

3) Supports Cross Platform

We can say that Asp.Net is a cross-platform which means that it supports all platforms. Be it Linux or Windows or Mac we can easily build applications which run smoothly on these platforms using Asp.Net Core. In simpler terms, the entire backend will be using the same C# code. 

4) Support for Cloud-Based Development

In the current modern era, it is always advisable to create a cloud-based application.  For large enterprises, Asp.net core provides the development of various type of web applications, Mobile back-end, Internet of things apps and much more! Also, ASP.NET Core can easily help in developing great and robust web applications.

5) Easy Updates

It becomes a little bit tricky for any Asp.net development company to update new changes when it comes to .net framework. It becomes a compulsion to release a new framework version, whenever new changes or updates come up. For instance, after the introduction of its new attribute – routing, MVC 5 came into the market. Whereas, in Asp.net core development services, NuGet package manages every update. Therefore, with the new release of Nuget package version, you can get the new changes by updating packages.

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