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Gain an edge with the power of AI in Education

This Article Post will explain the power of AI in Education

AI (Artificial intelligence) in  Education

The strategy of Artificial Intelligence is in huge demand in Education these days.

AI has the potential to transform the operation of Educational Institutions, thereby elevating the competitiveness of institutions, and empower teachers and learners of all abilities.

AI (Artificial intelligence) in Education

As per Microsoft the findings illustrate the strategic nature of AI in education and highlight the need for technologies and skills to make the promise of AI a reality.

The results showed almost universal acceptance among educators that AI is important for their future 99.4% said AI would be instrumental to their institution’s competitiveness within the next three years, with 15% calling it a “game-changer.” Nearly all are trying to work with it too—92% said they have started to experiment with the technology.

AI has the power to become a great equalizer in education and a key differentiator for institutions that embrace it. Schools that adopt AI in clever ways are going to show better student success and empower their learners to enter the workforce of tomorrow. Given its importance, institutions among that 92% should start thinking about the impact they can achieve with AI technologies now. Do you want to more quickly grade papers? Empower teachers to spend more time with students?

Whatever it is, it’s important to have that goal in mind, and then maybe dream a little.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms