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GoogleCloud Interview Questions

Google Cloud Interview Question

Interview Questions

Q: What is Cloud Computing?

Ans: Cloud Computing refers to the availability of computer system resources. It provides you storage space as well as computing power which resides on the Cloud. The resources can only be accessed through the internet.

Q: Write down the features of Cloud Computing.

Ans: The features of Cloud Computing are as follow:

  • Resource Pooling: The cloud providers of computing resources provide resources to multiple customers. It depends on the demand of the customers whether they want physical or virtual resources.
  • On-demand Self- service: The user can keep updating its resources and capabilities according to the need.
  • Maintenance: It is very easy to maintain the resources of the computer with cloud computing. It also saves our money.
  • Security: It is one of the brilliant features in cloud computing. It creates a replicated file. Somehow, the server crashed they have a backup of all your files and folders.

Q: What is Google Cloud Platform?

Ans: It is a cloud platform developed by Google. It provides access to cloud resources and computing services to the people. Compute, database, migration, and networking domains of cloud computing all these services are provided by the Google Cloud Platform. There are many other services that are offered by the Google Cloud Platform.

Q: Name the various components of the Google Cloud Platform.

Ans: The components of Google Cloud Platform are:

  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud App Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google BigQuery Service
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning

Q: What are the main advantages of the Google Cloud Platform?

Ans: There are many advantages of Google Cloud Platform:

  • They are providing the best pricing deals compared to other cloud service providers.
  • Its servers allow to access your data and information from anywhere.
  • When you are hosting a website through Google Cloud Platform, it increased your overall performance and service.
  • They are more efficient in terms of security.
  • They update the servers very fast to keep your data protected.

Q: What are the tools and libraries for cloud storage on Google Cloud Platform?

Ans: XML and JSON API are the core level on Google Cloud Platform for cloud storage. Other options provided by google to interact with cloud storage are:

  • Google Cloud Platform Console: It performs the basic operation on objects and buckets.
  • Cloud Storage Client Libraries: It provides support to the various programming languages.
  • Gustil Command-line Tool: It provides a command-line interface for cloud storage.

Q: Reasons why you should pick up Google Cloud Hosting?

Ans: Google Cloud Hosting has many bonus points:

  • Google is offering a better pricing deal.
  • It enhances performance and execution.
  • More secure on the google cloud platform.
  • Additional benefits of the live migration of the machines.
  • Google is committed to constant development and expansion.

Q: What is Google Compute Engine?

Ans: It is an infrastructure as a service product. It provides a flexible and self-managed virtual machine. These machines are hosted on the infrastructure of Google. Google Compute Engine is integrated with Google Cloud Platform technologies.

Q: Name the different methods of Google Compute Engine API for authentication.

Ans: There are three methods for authentication of Google Compute Engine API:

  • OAuth 2.0
  • Through Client Library
  • Directly with an access control

Q: Why the organizations are managing the workload?

Ans: The organizations are managing the workload to get the information on how the application is running along with the function. They provide a cost as per the use.

Q: What is Cloud?

Ans: Cloud refers to the server which is accessed only through the internet. The other services run on those servers. These servers are located all over the world.

Q: Name the different services provided by Google Cloud Platform.

Ans: The following services are:

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
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