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How To Make a Table In Microsoft Word Document?

In this article, I'll teach you the easiest way to make a Table.

Word tables are used in many places such as schools, colleges, offices, etc. With the help of this table, we can show any type of data correctly, suppose we want to show the student's Microsoft data of a class in Microsoft Word, then for this we add the table in MS Word and present the student's details through them. can.       

What is a Table? 

Tables are used to organize and show any data or information in individual boxes. The class and the data within it are presented in a series of rows and columns. Not only users can store data and information in MS Word via tables, but it also offers several formatting choices. In this post, I'll teach you all the two simplest ways with the help of which you can easily make a table in Microsoft Word. 

Following are the steps to   make a Table using Toolbar:

The method for making a table using a Toolbar is as follows: 

Step 1. To start, drag your cursor to the location where you wish the table to be inserted. 

Step 2. Next, from the toolbar at the top of your window, choose the Insert Table icon. 

Step 3. Now utilize your mouse to define the table's size; the more you drag your mouse, the more columns and rows you'll get. Once you've generated the desired amount of rows, halt.

Step 4. The table will be inserted into your document by tapping on it.

Following are the steps to make a Table using Dialogue Box:

The following steps will show you how to leverage the Insert Table dialogue box to make a table in your Word document: 

Step 1. First of all, head to the menu bar, select Table and press the Insert button. After choosing Insert, a dialogue box will appear.

Step 2. Fill in the necessary areas with the number of columns and rows you wish to add. 

Step 3. Next, tap on AutoFit Behavior if you want the table to choose instantly how much space it requires to include a specific text.

Step 4. Once you hit Ok, the table will be inserted into your document, and you may begin inputting data in it.

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