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How To Protect Mobile Phones From Being Lost?

Mobile phone play a major role in accomplishing our daily tasks hence it is our responsibility to protect them from thieves. To help you protect your phone today I'll tell you about a few useful applications which you can easily install on your phone.

How To Protect Mobile Phones From Being Lost? 

Mobile has great importance in today's time. Apart from calling, the mobile is also useful for doing many other personal tasks. It can be guessed from this that if the phone is stolen, then in one stroke all the phone numbers and important data along with the expensive mobile can be lost from your hands.

However, in today's tech era, there are many ways to protect the phone from being stolen. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these methods. Although, today I will tell you about some such useful applications, with the help of which you can easily find your stolen phone. These applications can be easily installed on Android, iPhone, PC, and Tablet. So read this article till the end to know about these apps in detail.


WaveSecure is an anti-theft app from McAfee. With its help, the mobile can be locked from any corner of the country, important data can be removed from the phone or it can be saved on the web and the stolen phone can be traced with the help of Google Maps. The best feature of this app is that it can be installed on almost all mobile OS.


An app called Track&Protect is also helpful in finding the stolen phone. Being equipped with features like periodic passcode check, the passcode on phone restart, auto phone lock on sim change, screen lock on the wrong password or send thief's photo in case of the wrong password thrice will help you to protect your phone from being misused by thieves. The app will also allow you to locate the phone when the SIM card is changed.


You can also use an app called F-secure to find the stolen mobile. The app is equipped with such features with the help of which you can lock your stolen mobile by messaging so that no one can misuse that phone, locate the phone through Google Map and delete important data. Along with this, the thief can also be caught through this app. 

Micro LMTS

This anti-theft app will help find almost all mobiles. Along with the phone location, this app also gives information regarding operator-based GSM cell tower location. The thief cannot delete the app if the phone is stolen as it is not visible on the phone. Also, it is not installed in the memory card but in the phone, so that even if the thief removes the SIM card from the phone, the app will continue to work.


A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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