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How to upload a video on Instagram?

Nov 22, 2021 Instagram, upload videos , 182 Views
want to upload a video on Instagram, then this article is for you.

How to upload a video on Instagram?

Love for sharing and exploring reels on Instagram is very high these days, many talented people around us want to share their talents through such platforms, and if you are also looking for the solution to this question, how can you share your reel or Instagram video on the app and make it public or private also.

 Then you have arrived at the right place to get your answer here in this article we are going to tell you all the steps through which you will be able to upload videos on your profile. Have a look at the complete article. Let’s go. Before posting a video you need to know the difference between Reels and Videos. Reels are something which. Can be made on the spot with your selected favorite song, putting filters or props. You can. Remix a few videos in reels tho, but the video is already there in your gallery and you just need to post them in your feed. It can be related to music, singing, dancing, teaching, cooking, speaking, or eating too. In this article, you will be learning how to post your saved videos on Instagram in your feed section, not in the reels section.

There are a few steps to follow. let's dig in

1. Open Instagram- For posting your video, open Instagram in your app. If you are using Instagram with chrome, you can still post the videos from chrome. And click on the plus sign on your homepage. It is available at the top right of the page beside the message icon.

2. Profile page- You can post a video from the profile page also by clicking on the same button of + sign and it will pop out with a few options, go ahead with posting a video.

3. Video section- Once tapped, you will be given the files option with various folders of your video, select anyone from them and you can adjust them with brightness and filter but videos from the gallery section cannot be cropped in square format.

4. Writing a caption- If you wish to give that video a good caption, write something at the given space up to 1000 words and you can use hashtags in your caption, or if you want to tag someone's profile before typing the id, pit a sign of (@) and mention the id. People often like to give motivational, attitude and positive captions, you can search if you don't have any idea for the same. Through a good caption and hashtag, your video might get viral.

5. Ready to upload- The last thing to do is to upload it on your feed to take the best advantage of the location of your area. For instance, if you are from India, Delhi then puts this as a location so that more people can connect with you. When everything is done tap UPLOAD it will be uploaded automatically and you can see the number of views and likes on your video in your profile section.

Was that so complicated? Or did we make it easy for you? What are your thoughts on the same? Share with us in the comments.

For more industry guides stay tuned with us and, till then have happy learning!

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