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Know How to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database 2019, 2017, 2016

Want to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database, if yes! here we have best techniques for you. Read the post and get the best solution.

SQL Server is a core database platform for storing and managing data. It stores all its data in MDF, NDF, and LDF file formats. Like other data files, SQL database files are also vulnerable to be attacked by unknown viruses and malware. These files are easy to corrupt or lost due to sudden SQL Server hardware failure or careless deletion. 

Have you ever been in a position where you faced any corruption in the database file? If the answer is yes, then the question arises why MDF & NDF files get corrupted? And how to repair corrupt SQL Server database files. In the upcoming section of this post, we have mentioned the reasons for database corruption and how to fix it. So, stick to the post and learn the best solutions to fix the corruption issues in the SQL Server database.

Why SQL Database Files Gets Corrupted?

The MDF & NDF files can be corrupted due to several reasons. Sometimes, the database files get corrupted due to the issue of hardware and software hindrance. Even more than that, these files can get corrupted because of power failure, network issues, sudden SQL Server hardware failure, careless deletion, virus, or any other malware issue. 

Don't worry if you are experiencing any issues in SQL Server disasters or losing your important database objects. On this page, you’ll find the best tips to recover the corrupt databases in SQL Server without facing any data loss issues.

So, let’s begin!

How to 

Method 1: Repair Database With DBCC CHECKDB Command

  1. To begin the process first, run the DBCC CHECKDB command on your corrupt database. For this execute this query:
  • DBCC CHECKDB (Name of the damaged database)
  1. Now, you can view the index ID

Case 1: In case, index id is greater than one, then you need to drop & recreate it.

Case 2: In case, index id is equal to 0 or 1, then run DBCC CHECKDB again using appropriate repair options like repari_rebuild, repair_fast, repair_allow_data_loss

  • DBCC CHECK (name of the corrupt database, repair_fast)
  • DBCC CHECK (name of the corrupt database, repair_rebuild)
  • DBCC CHECK (name of corrupt database, repair_allow_data_loss)

Method 2: Professional Way to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database

There might be circumstances when a user is unable to execute the above manual steps due to a lack of technical knowledge. However, there is the best solution available that makes the recovery process very easy. SQL Repair tool (softwarepro) is the best solution to deal with all kinds of SQL Server database corruption issues effectively. The software can fix all minor and major MDF & NDF file corruption issues with accuracy. Even more than that, using the tool you can easily recover the deleted data item without making any data loss. The tool can restore all SQL Server database objects including Tables, Indexes, Functions, Views, Rules, Triggers, Stored Procedures, etc. Adding to that, it even provides complete support to repair the SQL databases created in any version of SQL Server. 

Step by step procedure to repair MDF and NDF files of SQL Server

Step 1: Download and start the software, click the Open button to select the database file which you want to repair.

Step 2: Select a scan option as per the level of corruption and then select the SQL database version.

Step 3. As the scanning process is completed, the tool displays all the recovered databases for preview before saving them.

Step 4. Click on the Export button and choose one of the Export options (SQL Server database, SQL script, CSV File Format) as desired.

Step 5. Fill in the details and at last press the Export button.

Wrapping Up

In the above article, we have discussed some recommended methods on how to repair corrupt SQL Server databases. With the use of the manual approach, there are several limitations and risks to lose your important database. So, it is suggested to use the advanced and best software solution for hassle-free and quick recovery of data.

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