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Azure Cosmos DB | Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB | Features of Azure Cosmos DB | Benefits of Azure Cosmos DB



Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB helps to achieve low latency and high availability, which indeed helps applications to be highly responsive and always online. Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed multi-model database service enabling users with just a click the power of elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure worldwide. All are empowered to elastically scale throughput and storage and take advantage of fast - single-digit -multi-second data access using favorite API including SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Tables, or Gremlin.

Cosmos DB helps to provide comprehensive service level agreements for throughput, availability, latency, and consistency guarantees, something no other database service offers.

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Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed database service with elastic scale-out, guaranteed low latency, five consistency models, and comprehensive guaranteed SLAs

 SOURCE - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cosmos-db/media/introduction/azure-cosmos-db.png

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

  • Turnkey Global Distribution
  • Always On feature
  • Elastic scalability of throughput and storage worldwide
  • Guaranteed low latency at the 99th percentile worldwide
  • Precisely defined, multiple consistency choices
  • No Schema or index management
  • Battle-tested database service
  • Ubiquitous regional presence
  • Secure by default and Enterprise ready
  • Significant TCO savings
  • Industry Leading comprehensive SLAs
  • Develop using Microsoft Azure cosmos DB using popular Open Source Software (OSS)

The solution that benefits from using Azure Cosmos DB

Any Gaming, or Web Mobile or IoT application that needs to be handled huge amounts of data with near-real response time will be benefited from Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB guaranteed high availability. 

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms