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What is Azure Notification Hub ?

Aug 22, 2020 Azure, 2164 Views
Azure Notification Hub | Introduction to Azure Notification Hub

What is Azure Notification Hub?

In this article we will cover the following areas:

  • What is Azure Notification Hub?
  • How does Azure Notification Hub work?
  • Why use Azure Notification Hub?
  • Resources.

What is Azure Notification Hub?

Azure Notification Hub is a service provided by Azure which is easy to use and scaled out push engine that enables the user to send a notification to any platform. It works great for both enterprise and consumer scenarios.

How does Azure Notification Hub Work?

At a high-level view the Azure push works as follows:

  • It contacts first the PNS for the target platform and requests a unique temporary push handle. 
  • The client application stores this handle in the application backend or provider.
  • The application backend then contacts the PNS using the handle to a target-specific client application.
  • The PNS forwards the notification to the device specified by the handle.

Why use Azure Notification Hub?

  • It facilitates cross backends
  • It provides cross-platform connectivity
  • Great set of Delivery patterns
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Rich Telemetry












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