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In this article, we will learn about the machine learning algorithm and architecture of Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Console.


Machine Learning to be very definitive, it is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence which actually provides the system the power or you may call the ability to perform to learn and improve from the past experiences without actually being programmed. It mainly emphasizes the computer programs that can access data that will solely improve themselves to take a better decision for further. 

To be very specific here are glimpses of the machine learning models :

  1. Supervised machine learning model: This applies to what has been learned in the past experiments to new experiments using labeled examples to predict future events, it also can compare its output with the correct, intended output and find errors in to modify the model accordingly.
  2. Un-Supervised machine Learning model: This applies when the information used to train sets which are neither labeled or certainly not classified.
  3. Semi-Supervised machine learning model: It actually falls somewhere between the two mentioned above, the reason is due to it uses both labeled and unlabeled data for training of its nodes - usually, a few labeled and more unlabeled data for its operation.
  4. Reinforcement Machine Learning algorithm: In this category, it interacts with the environment by producing actions and discovers errors or rewards. Usually, simple feedback is required for the term agent to learn which action is optimized, the so-called reinforcement signal. 

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform

Well, Alibaba Cloud is one of the pioneers in producing major segments in producing a solution to it's Cloud Expertise, so being one of the Cloud Leads, it really makes us think about the fields in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. 

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for Artificial Intelligence provides all in one service that emphasizes low technical skill requirements - with high effective performance results that one may trust.

Feature of Alibaba Machine Learning Platform:

  1. Quick establishment and deploy experiments.
  2. Integration between your result and business.
  3. Full-Fledged Algorithm application-based system.
  4. Quick addition of services.
  5. Integration of pre- services as Recommendation, financial risk control, voice recognition system and image identification for a user to implement AI.

The Architecture of Alibaba Machine Learning Platform


source of the image:- https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/doc-detail/72421.htm?spm=a2c63.p38356.879954.5.780d2eb5iAcV43

Few important notes:-

  1. The top is the application layer.
  2. The middle layer is the model algorithm layer.
  3. The second layer is the Alibaba Computing framework.
  4. The bottom layer is the infrastructure layer that consists of GPU and CPU clusters.



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A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms