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Be a Microsoft Student Partner

Jul 11, 2019 Campus Student Ambassador, 5630 Views
This article states how to be a Microsoft Student Partner


Microsoft Student Partner or popularly known as MSP is a worldwide program designed to develop student and professional interaction and to learn to empower knowledge to help future leaders.

Microsoft Student Partner is an opportunity to embrace the exclusive Microsoft Events and Meetups learning it on the go.


How to be a Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Student Partner selection takes place during the starting the month of June and probably ends at July mid, after that it takes around a month to declare the 1st round results and then the 2nd round announcement is made after a week after the results are made of the 1st round.

The second round is usually a skype or telephonic interview and questions are technical so prepare yourself, and if you clear that too. Congratulations you are now MSP  or Microsoft Student Partner for a year.



Steps to become a Microsoft Student Partner


  1. Bing or Google Microsoft Student Partner, it will show you the current website, check if registration is open
  2. Go ahead with the application and fill it up
  3. then they will ask you if you qualify through step 2, a video about why you want to be a Microsoft Student Partner
  4. if selected a skype or telephonic interview will take place ( contains a lot of technical questions )
  5. if you qualify congratulations.

Responsibilities of Microsoft Student Partner


  1. Online contributions as a blog or articles on Microsoft technology
  2. Having University / College technology events
  3. Attending meetups city wise, probably once every three months or four months
  4. Reporting every event or blog or anything that is associated with Microsoft Student Partner

Benefits as Microsoft Student Partner

  1. Cool goodies officially from Microsoft
  2. Visual Studio subscription
  3. Exclusive national event invitation
  4. Networking
  5. Enlarge your knowledge
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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