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Aug 05, 2019 Cloud, Cloud Computing, 3427 Views
An article dedicated to the introduction of CRYPTO - CLOUD COMPUTING


  • Definition
  • Threats
  • Importance
  • Working


Crypto Cloud Computing - The term may be defined as a very new secure Cloud Computing architecture, which is a large scale distributed computing model that is moded by the economics of scale, integrating a set of virtualized, dynamically scalable and abstracted platforms and services.



Crypto - Cloud Computing with its advantages comes with its potential threats too as a consumers data security relies on security service from cloud computing providers, the present structure of services are provided by its independent operators, so the users information security provides commerce and management tools, moreover the information leakage can be caused by the technology flow of providers.


Crypto Cloud Computing is a new framework for resource sharing, protecting data, security, and privacy and in the cloud environment, it guarantees the security of information and integrity during the whole process. Even a user can retrieve all related resources using his QDK key.


Cloud Computing is based on the Quantum Direct Key System. In this system, all entities get a public key and private key pairing according to their ID. Each entity holds its own private key but has its generator to generate any public key. In this system, the entity can produce the public key offline no third party is necessary as this is based on QDK which avoids traffic congestion and other drawbacks using the present encryption system.


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A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms