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How is Jira a useful Software Management tool? | Jira Tutorial

In this article, you will learn the following:What is Jira?What are the different uses of Jira?How is it a useful product management tool?

How is Jira a useful Software Management tool?

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • What is Jira?
  • What are the different uses of Jira?
  • How is it a useful product management tool?

Project management is a time-consuming, costly, and a little complicated process for various organizations. JIRA is an amazing tool for organizing tasks and managing all agile teams. Jira is one of the most useful tools worldwide.

What is Jira?

JIRA is a project management tool which is developed by Atlassian based in an Australian company. The JIRA word comes from the Japanese word ‘ Gojira’, whose meaning is Godzilla. It is based on the agile methodology. It is used for multiple reasons such as bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. Various businesses use JIRA software for other purposes such as warehouse automation tools, document flow, expense optimization, and others. The dashboard has several useful functions and features which enable easy handling of issues. Recently JIRA has worked on many products for different teams such as IT, marketing, operations, finance, and HR for project management solutions.

What are the different Uses of Jira?

Initially, it is designed as an issue and defect tracker. Jira serves as a powerful work management tool for multiple use cases like:

  • Requirement and Test case management- It manages manual and automated tests.
  • Agile Teams - It software provides scrum and kanban boards for teams practising agile methodologies.
  • Project Management - It is configured to fit any project right from the onset, through execution, to the wrap-up.
  • Software Development - It is used for the development and tracking the progress. 
  • DevOps - It helps the teams to ship better software and stresses best practices.
  • Product Management - It helps in designing detailed road maps, handling dependencies, and sharing plans and progresses.
  • Task Management - It creates the tasks to work on, with the details, due dates, and reminders.
  • Bug Tracking - The important JIRA workflow engine makes sure that bugs are automatically assigned and prioritized.

How is it a product management tool?

It helps the team members and product managers to see what is happening around the product. It helps in building a suitable plan for the agile teams to achieve and provides a visual of how to connect the pieces. It helps in:

  • Tracking the progress of the project.
  • Map and account for dependencies.
  • Update the information about project, product, or customer requirements.
  • Building different roadmap versions and sharing with the stakeholders.

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