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How .net technology has changes the Web development environment completely

Jul 07, 2020 .NET, , 9550 Views
In this article you will learn about How .net technology has changes the Web development environment completely.

How .net technology has changed the Web development environment completely

.NET is the current trend and the generation next to the web development platform. Many business have derived the advantages of using this as a base for web application development. Web developers see great potential in .NET for creating highly secure applications for all types of business needs.

The .NET platform is an integral component of the Microsoft Windows operating system for building and running next-generation software applications and web services. The .NET development framework provides a new and simplified model for programming and deploying applications on the Windows platform.

The .NET framework offers a number of advantages to web developers. Certain characteristics of .NET enable the developers to enhance the web-based development some of those characteristics are the following:

1. A facilitating framework

2. A unified programming environment

3.Object-oriented technologies

4. Security

5. Developer productivity through standards

6. Development of applications

7. ASP .NET- center of web application development

1. A facilitating framework:-

Microsoft .NET provides a framework that facilitates designing and developing applications that are portable scalable, and robust, and that can be executed in a distributed environment. It presents a platform and device-independent computing model in a managed environment.

2. A unified programming environment:-

All .NET-enabled languages are compiled to Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) before being assembled into platform-specific machine code. Visual Basic and C# are language wrappers around this common .NET language.

3.Object-oriented technologies:-

.NET fully embraces the object-oriented programming paradigm. Everything in .NET is contained in an object all data values, all source code blocks, and events everything appears in the context of an object.

One of the greatest changes to Web application development in the Microsoft world is .NET’s use of true object-oriented languages such as visual basic .NET and C# to build Web applications.

4. Security:-

Users and administrators can now establish security rules for different .NET features to limit malicious programs from doing their damage. .NET’s also supports strong data typing and garbage collection.

5. Developer productivity through standards:-

The .NET framework is built upon and uses many new and existing standards, such as XML and SOAP (simple object access protocol). This enhances data interchange not only on the Windows platform but also in interactions with other platforms and systems.

6. Development of applications:-

If .NET is installed on a system, releasing a program is as simple as coping. EXE file to the target system.

7. ASP .NET- center of web application development:-

.NET’s answer to the problems of web application programming in ASP .NET. ASP.NET makes it easy to design applications, to get good organization, and to encourage encapsulation and reuse. ASP.NET is at the center of web application development in .NET.

When a web server receives a web page request, it performs necessary processing to generate the page response before sending the hat response back to the browser. ASP.NET is the technology at the center of the processing which generates the content and client-side code as well as server-side code.

ASP.NET brings the full power of object-oriented techniques to web development. Everything in ASP.NET is extensible and reusable through inheritance and polymorphism.

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