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How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnails

here I have mentioned the steps for How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnails

Download YouTube Video Thumbnails

While watching the thumbnails, sometimes we often like to download them or if we want to design a similar thumbnail, then again you need to download it. But are there any options available inside the video through which you can easily download it? Well, if this is your question then you are at the right place to get your answer. Here in this article, we are going to explain the steps through which you can easily download all the different thumbnails you want in your gallery. Let's get started.

One thing to remember, before downloading the thumbnails is very important. You can download the thumbnails and it is as of now not considered illegal, you cannot download it directly from video or device but by using a URL it is possible to do

Additionally, make sure that you are not going against the terms and conditions of YouTube. And not using the images for commercial purposes.

How do I download the thumbnails as images?

The steps are simpler and easier to use.

  1. Firstly, take the id of the video that you want to download as its thumbnail and this process can work on any device android as well as PC, here we are using PC for showing the steps.
  2. To begin with, the id of you have to open the video and copy the id browser which will look like this https:://www.youtube.comv=hars756sb
  3. The above was just the random example to present but here the id code is after the text [v=..] from the above instance it is hars756sb
  4. Now the important things start, for downloading or looking at the thumbnail in zoom mode you need to place a custom link in your browser. It is pasted below and replaces the unique id of the custom link with the id you have taken from the thumbnail link.
  5. The custom link is - https://img.youtube.com/vi/ID/maxresdefault.jp
  6. Here you need to replace the id with the custom link after the text v.
  7. Once you have pasted your id, the image will automatically be opened in your browser and there you can have a  look at it in larger form, it’s downloadable too.

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