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How to make Google form in mobile: Step-by-step guide.

here in this article, we have explained How to make Google form in mobile: Step-by-step guide.

How to make Google form in mobile: Step-by-step guide.

Google Forms are a great way to conduct online tests, surveys, and forms. It is a myth that they cannot be created on androids, if you also want to create a google form then you have landed at the right place to get your answer. Here in this article, we will be breaking the myth that google's form can only be made on mobile, instead, we will show you every step through which you can easily make forms and can conduct surveys. 

The process on a laptop or desktop is easier as compared to mobile but that does not mean, forms cannot be created on mobile. Have a look at the complete article to get full information on the making of google forms. Let’s get started. 

Step one- open the browser on your android, tab, or ipad, and open the google form website. Which are forms.google.com

Step two- one site will be loaded automatically and a new form will be opened.

Step three-  in this form, you can edit, create, remix, add any image video, or questions.

Step four- suppose you want to create a quiz, then tap on the quiz option.

Step five- tap on “Make this a quiz”.

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step six- follow the option you want to add in your forms and quizzes if you want everyone to add their email addresses then leave one column in general for collecting Email Addresses. 

Step seven-  once done Tap on saving to confirm your change else, they will be the same as earlier. 

If you are done with your questions and poll or whatever you were typing, tap on save after every change, and at the end tap on confirming when everything is done. You will receive one link for sharing with whomsoever you want to share this form. If your all receivers have completed and filled the poll/quiz you can find it on the section for seeing answers on your mobile at the top. Through his, you can easily find all the answers submitted by them. 

This was all about the information on How to make Google form in mobile: Step-by-step guide

Do you find this arctic helpful? What are your thoughts on the same? Share with us n the comments till then have happy learning.!

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