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Type of Networks

Jul 27, 2019 Network types, OS, Networking, 1710 Views
In this article we'll see how many types of Networks we have.


                 LAN stands for local area network. It is a group of computers located in the same room on the same floor or in the same or in the same building that is connected to form a single computer network. LAN allows users to share storage devices, printer, application, data & usually less than one kilometer in diameter. We can use different types of topologies through LAN these are the star, bus, ring, and tree, etc. With the help of a bridge or return.

Advantages of LAN:-

  • Allow the sharing of expensive resources.
  • Allow the high-speed exchange of essential information.
  • It will increase productivity.
  • It will increase the potential of the application.


  • Many current application programs will not run in a network environment.
  • We must implement some security systems to protect some confidential data.
  • It requires memory space in each of the computers used in the network.


             It is known as a metropolitan area network it is basically a bigger version of LAN & users similar technology as LAN. It is designed to extend over the entire city. It can be meant to connecting a number of LAN into a larger network. It mainly holds & operated by a single private company or a public company. The MAN range is between 10 to 50 km. It is the right network to establish a network between offices between the different cities.

Advantage of MAN:-

  • A MAN can cover a wider area than LAN.
  • It usually operates in airports or a school in different cities.
  • Information can be shared in it very fast & in a secure way.


  • MAN can only apply when a personal computer or a terminal can complete.
  • The connection is quite complex.
  • The cost is very high.


         WAN stands for wide area network. It is a digital communication system that interconnects different site's computer installation & user terminal. It may also enable LAN  to communicate with   Each other. This type of network may be developed to operate nationwide or worldwide. The transmission media used in WAN are normally public systems such as telephone lines. Microwave link & satellite.

Advantages of WAN:-

  • It operates at such high speed as other, with the help of satellites.
  • These networks allow multiple users to access a variety of computers simultaneously through the same physical medium.
  • The area of WAN is not fixing so it is accessed in the wider area.


  • It satellite is not working them entire network is a collapse.
  • To manage this network is quite complex because its area is wide.
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms