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What is Amazon Kinesis | AWS Kinesis

In This Article, we'll learn about what is Amazon Kinesis or AWS Kinesis, get to know about its benefits, types of services, and some of its use cases.

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis makes it simple to gather, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get insights into knowledge and respond quickly to new information. Amazon Kinesis offers key capacities to cost-viably process spilling data at any scale, alongside the adaptability to pick the devices that best suit the necessities of your application. With Amazon Kinesis, you can ingest constant data like video, sound, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data for AI, investigation, and different applications. Amazon Kinesis empowers you to process and break down data as it shows up and reacts right away as opposed to holding up until every one of your data is gathered before the processing can begin.



Amazon Kinesis enables you to ingest, buffer, and process streaming data in real-time, so you can derive insights in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

Fully managed

Amazon Kinesis is fully managed and runs your streaming applications without requiring you to manage any infrastructure.


Amazon Kinesis can handle any amount of streaming data and process data from hundreds of thousands of sources with very low latencies.


Kinesis Services

Use Cases

Build video analytics applications

You can use Amazon Kinesis to stream video securely from camera-equipped devices in homes, offices, factories, and public places to AWS. You can afterward use these video streams for video playback, security monitoring, face detection, machine learning, and other analytics.

Example: Amber alert system

Evolve from batch to real-time analytics

With Amazon Kinesis, you can perform real-time analytics on data that has been generally analyzed using batch processing. Common streaming use cases incorporate sharing data between various applications, streaming extract-transform-load, and real-time analytics. For instance, you can utilize Kinesis Data Firehose to persistently stack spilling data into your S3 data lake or investigation services.

Example: Clickstream analytics

Build real-time applications

You can utilize Amazon Kinesis for ongoing applications, for example, application monitoring, fraud detection, and live leader-boards. You can ingest streaming data utilizing Kinesis Data Streams, process it sing Kinesis Data Analytics, and emit the outcomes to any data store or application utilizing Kinesis Data Streams with millisecond end-to-end latency. This can assist you with learning about what your customers, applications, and products are doing right now and respond promptly.

Example: Analysis of streaming social media data

Analyze IoT device data

You can use Amazon Kinesis to process streaming data from IoT devices such as consumer appliances, embedded sensors, and TV set-top boxes. You can then use the data to send real-time alerts or take other actions programmatically when a sensor exceeds certain operating thresholds. Use our sample IoT analytics code to build your application. No need to start from scratch.

Example: Sensors in tractor detect the need for a spare part and automatically place order

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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