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What is Bringing Network Virtualization to the SDDC

Jun 03, 2020 SDDC, Networking, 15474 Views
In This Article, we'll discuss What is Bringing Network Virtualization to the SDDC

Bringing Network Virtualization to the SDDC

A virtual network is above router, switch, load balancer and firewall icons above a virtualization layer above network components. An identical stack has storage components at the bottom. Another identical stack has compute components at the bottom. Immediately beneath all three virtual networks is VMware’s network platform – 1 platform for all networks.

In a survey of its more than half-a-million customers, VMware found that 70% of respondents had virtualized over 75% of their IT infrastructure. However, only 12% had virtualized their networks, meaning that they weren’t yet benefiting from the increased operational, time, and cost efficiencies to be gained from a fully software-defined data center.

VMware NSX is the industry leader for network virtualization. By abstracting the traditionally physical infrastructure of routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls into a data center's virtualization layer, the data center becomes agile and responsive to business needs as they change. Virtual networks can be created, copied, moved, deleted, and restored quickly and easily, with no physical reconfigurations necessary.

With micro-segmentation (which we'll discuss later on in this course) threats are prevented from moving laterally, server to server, inside the data center. You can also tie security policies directly to an application and ensure that even as the application changes over time, it will maintain its protection.

Automation brings immediate gains in efficiency and innovation while enabling IT to keep up with the speed of business. The NSX Data Center uses standardized, pre-defined templates, to provide consistent networking and security, speeding up provisioning time from days or weeks to seconds.

Multiple users can share the same physical environment and cloud environment using virtual networks invisible to each other. So, everyone is working more efficiently than ever. With the NSX Data Center for Multi-cloud Networking, you can replicate the networking and security configuration of your environment across multiple clouds and physical sites, ensuring the continuous availability of resources and services. You can also seamlessly connect applications deployed anywhere, and extend your on-site network to the public cloud, moving applications back and

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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