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What is F# Programming Language? | F# Tutorial

This article have an introductory information about the F# Programming Language.

What is F# Programming Language? 

This article has introductory information about the F# Programming Language.

F# stands for functional programming language. To get deeper into the F# construct, you need to understand the lines written about the programming paradigms known as functional programming. Functional programming considers the programs as mathematical functions. The difference between functional programming and object-oriented programming is the focus in functional programming is on constants and functions rather than only the variables and states. The reason behind the focus on constants and functions is that they don’t change. In functional programming, we write modular programs. It means the program has functions and it can take the other functions as input.

Fundamental information about F# programming:

  • It was developed at Microsoft Research in 2005.
  • It is considered a part of a Microsoft .Net programming language family.
  • It is a functional programming language.
  • It is formed on the functional programming language named OCaml.

Features of F# Programming:

  • It is an execution of the OCaml language into the .Net Language.
  • It compiles the byte code of .Net CLI(Common Language Interface) or MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate language) that runs on the CLR(Common Language Runtime).
  • It gives a type interface in which it mentions which particular object is used as values of which variable and parameters.
  • It gives rich patterns similar to constructs. 
  • The language has strong interactive scripting and debugging potential.
  • It gives you permission to write the higher-order function. The higher-order function means the functions can operate on different functions either by taking them as an argument or by returning the function.
  • It gives a very structured object model.

Area of the use of F# Programming Language:

  • It helps in developing the CPU design. 
  • It is used in compiler programming.
  • It is helpful in Graphic design. 
  • Telecommunication
  • It is helpful in making a scientific model
  • It can be useful in mathematical problem-solving.
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