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How To Download Your Spotify Songs On Apple Watch

In this article, you will see that How To Download Your Spotify Songs On Apple Watch.

A music app that is used all over the world and streaming at its peak, it is the best streaming app for music. it gives you access to millions of songs for free and if you want to add them to your playlist or want to download them to your smartwatch then you have to become a premium member of this digital service music app.

The best feature liked by its members is its access policy which gives you access to download it in your apple watch many apps give only access o listening to music and podcast but Spotify provides such ease and comforts to the users that is why it is called the best and most streaming apps across the world .but if you don't know how to do it.

Don't worry, plenty of people don't know how to do it, but today we're going to tell you all the steps of downloading. Keep reading to know the whole.

The best highlighted feature of Spotify songs on the Apple Watch is that you can use the playlist offline which means songs can be played across the world without using any data plans. But there is a restriction to some members that every one or any free user of Spotify cannot use downloaded songs offline for listening to them offline on apple smartwatch you have to be a premium subscriber of it.

You can enjoy your activities by listening to your favourite song on the Apple smartwatch. For this, you have to pair your available device i.e AirPods, BlueTooth, or headphones with a smartwatch. you can leave your iPhone at home

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Here are the steps for downloading your favourite Spotify songs on an Apple smartwatch.

  • Head out for Spotify on your apple phone
  • Find out your album or playlist
  • Go on the three-dot menu bar button  
  • Touch ‘downloaded to apple watch’
  • Now it will be automatically downloaded to your watch
  • Now go on Spotify in your apple watch and touch the green left button
  • Tap on downloads
  • Here you can enjoy your playlist while doing certain activities.

Image source-weareable.com

POINT TO BE NOTED - you have to remain an active premium Spotify member to enjoy your song offline any free account user cannot access the offline songs feature.

We hope this article makes the process of downloading easier. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments

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