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How to delete your youtube channel

Sep 10, 2021 how to delete your youtube channel, 1223 Views
Here In this Article, I will tell you how to delete your youtube channel

How to delete your youtube channel?


Creating a youtube account is not a big problem you just need to log in and link it to your google account but if we talk about deleting the youtube channel permanent it can be a difficult task but if you have decided to delete your youtube channel and finding the way how to do it then, now you can relax because here in this article I will tell you and show you all the steps through which you can permanently remove/delete your youtube channel. Follow all the steps mentioned below to get full information and don’t skip any step in between.

How to do it?

If you are thinking of removing your youtube channel from your phone or smartphone then the answer would be NO it is not possible to remove your youtube channel from the phone you will need. MAC, Windows, or pc anything will work except phone

Now here if you have a login from pc then only follow the steps because they are not going to work from phone very firstly log in to youtube and go to your dashboard you will have access to your dashboard by logging into settings and go on your youtube channel account 

In the dashboard there will be an option of  settings tap there and go on the option of the channel there will be an option of ADVANCED SETTINGS click there and up next scroll down your dashboard until you get the option REMOVE YOUTUBE CONTENTS

Once you tap on this option it will switch you to a new window and in this, you will be asked further to remove your content what kind of content you want to remove or not they will ask for various conformations as you are aware of this that none of the content will get to you again once it is removed. in that new tab or window first, of all, they will require your email details through which you have logged in for security and privacy purposes but once you have confirmed your id you can continue with the rest of the process, after mentioning your email id you will be asked for tickling a box where it’s clearly mentioned that you want to remove your youtube channel permanently and few other boxes too which only need your reading  and finally by selecting all of the boxes you can finally check the REMOVE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and then you are set to remove your account permanently 


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