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Here in this article, you will learn How to close a Google form?
here in this article, we have explained How to make Google form in mobile: Step-by-step guide.
I have shared the information on How to clear formatting in a Microsoft word document?
If you are looking for the ways to import Files in Google Sheets then do follow the mentioned steps below.
In this post, you'll learn What’s new in Windows Forms in .NET 6 and Application-wide default font for Win Form.
in this article we will create a login and registration form with database in c# windows form application .In this article we create a windows form app with login page, registration page for create new account and home page which show message that you log in successfully .
If you a sales or marketing person and use to write lots of emails every day, trust me this article will help you a lot to write next business email very short and clear with the list of Top 10 Abbreviation and Acronyms.
The Bootstrap facility has a feature for building forms too. This feature enables the coder to generate a well defined and structured form layout with its features for the webpage.
In this article, we’ll learn how to send email through a windows form application in C#. This feature could be advantageous while developing real time applications or projects.
With help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript a form can be made which will do functioning validations. These validations will check on whether the email is in right format or not and the entered password matches with the section of re-enter password section or not. If the input value does not meet the validation criteria, then it will also display error message.
In this article, we'll study about the web forms in HTML5. We'll learn about the newly added attributes for web Forms in HTML5.
In this article, we'll learn to validate the forms in React
In this article, we'll learn What is React Forms
In this article, we’ll see how we can make an application for storing images in that particular application using Ado.net.
In this article, we will learn how we can create a simple registration form using tkinter in Python.
In this article we will learn how we can create a simple login form using WinForms with ado.net.
This article shows how you can build your own Notepad in Visual studio Using WinForms.
In the previous article, we learnt how to develop a web browser in C# but that was based on Internet Explorer. It posed many problems while loading certain web pages due to incompatibility .But in this article we’ll learn to develop the Chromium based web browser in C#.
In this article we’ll learn to develop a web browser in C# using Windows Form Application. But before we start, we need to have a brief idea about the Web Browser control in C#.
This article teaches how you can build your own basic calculator using WinForms.
Most of us are familiar with Console based Applications in C# but in this article we’ll go through the Windows Application developed in C#. Windows Applications allows us to develop GUI based Applications.
In this Application, we will see How to Migrate a .Net Framework Windows Forms App to .Net Core in just 4 simple steps
In this article, we have to learn who to use Angular Forms.
In this article, I will explain How to insert Asp.net form data into database using Web API in Asp.net MVC. To insert a record into database by consuming Asp.net Web API next we calling Jquery Ajax method to Post data into Web API